Something you thought was common knowledge but isnt

You ever find yourself in a situation, explaining to others something you thought everybody just knew?

I’m always absolutely stunned when people don’t know which colors to mix to get another. I recently had someone tell me red and blue makes brown???

Maybe it’s my inner art student causing this. But the mixes look exactly like what they’re made of??

Anyone else experience this?


Yes. I come from a technical / computer background. On occasion I’ve had to explain things that I thought everybody knew.


That makes sense. I work in a tech store and have on multiple occasions had people ask which router they need to get internet. Not realizing they needed to pay for their service through a provider.


We didnt know how much we know?

My inability to correctly summarize things, IMHO, comes from what you are speaking about.

I worked in vets offices. People always wanted to know the basic of why and what.

I would have to inform them that amimals also catch diseases. Some of diseases can be caught by people and/or other animals.

Even if their sick animal had it coming out both ends, I would still need to exsplain why the fluids were being given.(sorry for graphic discription).

Now I compulsively over exsplain everything.

It is us too, realizing that we are totally without knowledge of some sujects too.

I wonder if this is a part of that " therory of mind thing" thing?


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I remember when I was 15 having to explain what the word “existential” meant to my father’s wife.

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This happens to me all the time. I’m always overestimating what I think is common sense and common knowledge.

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@anon84763962. What does it mean?


It’s a philosophy and my understanding of it is that life is absurdist, but you should make the most of what you’ve got because it’s worth nothing in the end. Make sense?

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I think that schizophrenia and what it is, is common knowledge. But, apparently it isn’t.

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The word ‘Gargantuan’


Oh ok thx 151515

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I want to know too.

I am not vocabulary person.

I used up my last brain cell on medical terminolgy. It seems there is no more room left for extending regular English, but I still try anyway.

Ok. ya know, I knew that. I read about it before. Strange how we forget the things we knew.

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Nothing is obvious to the uninformed.

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