Something weird is going on

A trooper called me to tell me there is no “paper trail” to what I am not sure, and there is no “record” of my arrest. This has happened to me before. I was in the ER about to be committed when I vanished from the computer and decided not to because I took it as a sign. I was told this is a sign of something else, though. My purse, license, and papers were never returned or stolen by the county jail who confiscated them during my arrest. I was not given the chance to see the magistrate until people started freaking out about it.

I haven’t been served or given any insight into this case against me other than my lawyer is working on it. I had my lawyer before I was arrested, and if I hadn’t been told there was a warrant then I had no other reason to be arrested. So today I noticed something unrelated. I changed my car stereo to match my cellphone three times, because the time has been changing all over the place. It happened yesterday too, but twice today. It literally said it was 9:00 when it was 8:00 on my phone, and I changed it to reflect my phone. Then the phone changed and I changed the car stereo to change the time twice.

The stop light was messed up today. I think I was with my friend and we waited for about 20 minutes at the left turn. Everyone kept going and the green arrow was skipped twice plus one green light and my friend was freaking out about it. So there’s no record of my arrest, someone was messing with the lights today, and I’m losing track of time.

Nothing else weird has happened so far that I know of. I haven’t heard voices, or seen beings in white or anything, and nothing has flown off the table lately. I haven’t seen any UFO’s either. Only thing is that they changed the type of Abilify I am getting-- it’s the pill with TV on one side. I think those pills have microchips in them so that if you stop taking it they know, and you go crazy? I’m just guessing.

Maybe it’s not that big of a deal. I don’t think I’m special anymore.

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I will write my novel about it. Since no one here cares.

That sounds like a whole ton of delusions and hallucinations. Don’t trust your mind right now.


Although, they do make Abilify with a microchip inside that can tell if you take them or not, so that part might be real. I don’t think it’s been released yet though.

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Ive read about a guy who made himself vomit after getting his melting meds. True story. I dont know if it worked however.

A trooper …im assuming a State Trooper?

Name one. I’ve stated facts.

I HATE THIS FORUM. It’s no longer open ended. This is a pro-psychiatry forum. There are no alternative opinions allowed, even when it is true. Well this will be my last post. It’s mind control. You just passed a law which allows forced hospitalization and electroshock, thanks. since we all know how successful it was.

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It’s just pro evidence based treatment.

Who is “you” here? I don’t think anyone who’s making laws is reading this.

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Hang in there StarryNight, you are going through some rough times and just need to learn some better coping mechanisms. I, personally, have learned to relax and just bask in the silence throughout the day. All the noises & visuals of the bustling cities overwhelm me & cause problems and confusion.


**Hi @StarryNight!
I bet you didnt allow for the time change in your car. Everyones phones and some watches fall back an hour automatically.
I remember on another post of yours-saying you didnt like taking the Abilify. I would tell the doctor that its not agreeing with you.
Take care of yourself! :heart: **


hey starry night…listen , i have a billion things that i could post here and be called delusional if they weren;t witnessed by others…much as i hate to say it this is not a site to talk about weird experiences…i personally would love to hear your story so pm me any time…forget the crap that gets thrown…all i can say is always rule out the mundane reasons for things happening first then once you;ve ruled everything out you’ll know you had a weird experience and believe me i’ve had a few of my own. lovely to hear from you xxx

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There are shitheads who deserve to be castrated who ■■■■ with people like that. To me they are the lowest of the low. I’ve seen several low ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ who ■■■■ with people like that. I hate them.

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I am sad seeing people goes. I think not everyone is reading every post here. I believe there is like-minded people.

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Yeah, which has greatly improved the signal to noise ratio.

It’s a pro-recovery forum. Maybe you’d experience some if you stopped fighting treatment options designed to make your life better.

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(Wearing moderator hat)

Um, nothing I said was even fabricated. I was called and told there was no record of my arrest. They wanted me to testify against a murder suspect just because I knew the victims friends and was at the house four days before she died. The ■■■■■■ up, just like you all think I’m crazy. Good. Guess I have nowhere. Like I EFFING CARE. GO TO HELL. Oh you’re delusional for talking about a rare circumstance, it’s all true. That is why I have not been indited and my charge has been dropped.

GO FOR IT. BAN ME. GET OFF ON IT. That’s all you do on here Pixel, you try and get me banned. You disagree with something I say and you just continually demean everything I say and you know what I’m done.

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Jun 23


“I am getting really tired of people who are emphatically “not schizophrenic” coming here to trade delusions with “schizophrenics” in this forum. The fact that your most compatible playmates can be found here should be rather indicative of certain issues in your life. If you’re not schizo, go hang around a forum for people who talk to the dead, rapist demons, occult peanut butter cookies, etc. Stop messing with people who understand that they are ill and who want to be less ill.”

I was “schizophrenic” and I was undiagnosed this past year. Why is everyone attacking me?

It’s just pro evidence based treatment. LMAO. Prove it.