Something that helped me get over intrusive thoughts

I had a belief that God influenced my good thoughts, and that the devil influenced my bad thoughts, and that he was some kind of scary, shady figure from the void that was hard to control and fight, but then I looked into the Zoroastrian belief of God, which revealed that the devil was merely God’s bad side, so I didn’t feel so crummy and evil about those intrusive thoughts anymore.

Also, it helps that my brain is healing at the same time, which takes the edge off of those intrusive thoughts.

Kind of took the pressure off of those thoughts, and the feeling that I was being “possessed” or something creepy like that went away with that realization. I’m still pretty devoutly religious, doing Sikh prayers 3 times a day, so that’s a factor too.


thanks for sharing this @naturallycured,
I suffer from OCD intrusive thoughts how is the best way I can deal with this?

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Know that you’re an OK person even if your thoughts aren’t 100% pure. Don’t beat yourself up for having bad thoughts, as long as your actions are good.

Also, seek ways to reduce brain inflammation, like Boswellia and Ashwagandha, they really make my life more tolerable. This is on top of antipsychotics.

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