Something seems wrong with my hands

I woke up this morning with really itchy hands and they were red and inflamed. Using them feels slightly difficult atm. I can’t type as smoothly as normal and I can feel a very numb pain in them.

I’m wondering if I should call up non emergency services and see what they say, or if I should just wait for it to pass and get a doctors appointment. Probably gonna do the latter I think
It’s not like I’m gonna die, so I don’t think I should go to A+E, but I just hope its not a symptom of something bigger like diabetes or blood pressure issues.

My mum has skin sensitivity issues when she touches certain things. Im hoping its something like that.
I find rape seed oil makes me skin uncomfortable but it doesn’t normally flare up this badly.

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I spoke with my mum and she said it is lifelong condition shes had since shes a baby.

I’m worried this is an issue with my blood pressure now.

It doesen’t have to be serious. Wait it out a little and see what happens. And if it doesen’t clear up in a few days maybe go see the doc.

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Hmm…a possible allergy to a type of hand soap you are using? Worth bringing it up with your Doctor just the same.

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That’s what I would do.

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