Something new I am trying today

Forcing myself to eat 3 meals each day. Not listening to my voices when they tell me to starve or binge as a punishment.
I wonder if this will make me feel better or worse…


I’ll bet this makes you feel better than starving or binging. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Good job! :slight_smile:
These voices are stupid and they should not decide for your life.


Day 1: Success!

Breakfast: Porridge with apple and cinnamon.

Lunch: Cereal with yogurt and an orange.

Dinner: Salad with quorn pieces.

Snacks: A chocolate brownie icecream cone and a kitkat chunky. Plus 3 mini cookies. Stupid sugar cravings :triumph:

But no binges or restrictions YAY.


I can’t believe it! That is so fantastic. I am so proud of you for standing up to the voices. You are in charge. Good for you!


Day 2: Success

I overcame the urge to skip lunch and to binge after dinner. Well, I was going to binge on Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough icecream but I didn’t want to go to the shop to get it in case I meet any murderers.

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Day 3: Lots of comfort eating. Cake for breakfast and lunch. Cookies after dinner.
Fitness? Fitness whole cake in my mouth! :wink::cake: (I didn’t come up with that btw).

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Usually people have the same thing to eat for breakfast or lunch and have a change up for dinner. As one guy accomplishing his physique goal said, “You eat your way to happiness” after fasting for a long time.

Omg I’ve gained so much weight. Someone kill me now.
My legs are practically bursting out of my jeans! :sob::sob::sob: