Something living in my brain

I can feel it crawl and cause pressure I’m not lying and Ik it’s not fake cause it’s on and off

My daughter thought the same things several years back. It turned out to just be water in her ears. I kid you not. She was so freaked out by the sensations she called an ambulance to take her to the hospital. It was this huge ordeal. Once they treated the water in her ears she was totally fine


are you on meds

if you truelly feel its real why not try to goto urgent care or er to get a scan

has this happen before

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I just started the Abilify shot and stopped my other meds I’ve had this before and it worries me cause what if something is actually in there and it kills mw

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how did you get it to stop the last time

Nothing is in your brain. If there was you would already be dead.

It goes away on its own

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Ik but it’s hard to fully believe cause I physically feel it

Ive had that before. Just reassure yourself nothing can be in there and if there were something in there it would be a lot worse

I have this too at times, usually briefly, but sometimes the thoughts last days at a time, especially if the tactiles won’t go away. I think though I’d have experienced some kind of great loss of motor function, which I haven’t.

The brain has no pain or touch receptors.