Something i've never understood about the weather?

dec 22nd the days start to get longer, so why is january the coldest month of the year? in my primitive mind i think more sun, equals warmer weather, but it doesn’t truly start to warm up until march here.


In my opinion, February is the coldest…

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The reason it doesn’t get warmer is that the days remain shorter than the nights allowing for more radiational cooling to make things colder. The remaining low angle of the Sun allowing for less direct sunlight also plays a part. The rising angle of the Sun towards March helps with warming things up along with the days becoming as long, and eventually longer than the nights.


They call this phenomenon the “lag of the seasons”.

The last month of season is coldest/hottest because of the accumulated rays of sun on earth’s surface (whether it’s at a low angle in winter or high angle in summer)


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