Something is wrong with my stomach (pinching pain in lower abdomen)

For about a month, I’ve been feeling a pain in my lower right abdomen at random times. If feels like someone is repeatedly pinching and area the size of a marble.
I do have IBS and PCOS, but it doesn’t feel like the bowels acting up as that’s usually on the left side, nor the ovarian cysts acting up as those pains only come once or twice every few months.

I’m also having lots of acid reflux, and I always feel that feeling in my throat that indicates I’m full even if I can feel in my stomach I am hungry af.

I also almost constantly feel a need to pee.

The pain is always in the same spot, kinda over the ovaries but below the ribs.

What could it be?
Should I have it checked out?

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I would get it checked out. Could be the appendix and in that case it’s an emergency.

Could also be just stress. Do you have a GP you can go to?

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I would definitly get it checked out.

If you have acid reflux you should get a antacid medication if you haven’t already. You should also avoid acidic foods and drinks. Especially coffee and soft drinks with bubbles, orange juice, etc. And it also helps to eat smaller portions.

Could be appendix or ovarian cysts. Get checked.

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