Something is up

something is going on, my in laws have been nicer to me for the last week or so. They even said we can discuss me getting another lizard. I’ve been trying harder to do things right I think the sarcosine is helping with motivation, and focus. I think they are kissing up since they got a new dog and my partner and I have been helping with her. I just know there is a matter of time before they decide the dog is too much and either get rid of her or send her over to our apartment.

hmm I hate it when people do that. They act like you will just magically forget everything in the past based on a few nice gestures. Has your partner noticed this?

Also, how is the sarcosine?

she thinks its a fresh start, my therapist said I need to stop so hard trying to get people to like me.

the sarcosine is working well, i’ve noticed a difference in my thinking and focus.

It could be a new beginning. I’d recommend to be careful though, because you never really know. I see you have lizards. I went somewhere over the summer and saw so many iguanas. That was random-ish, but I saw your avatar and had to comment. I find them both intriguing and cute in some ways.

That is good to hear. I am thinking about trying sarcosine but need to schedule an appointment.

I only have one lizard now, and he’s a spoiled little turd. iguanas are awesome but require a lot of room, I think reptiles are cute and some are just beautiful especially some of the snake morphs.

anyway speaking of totally random, I’m just suspicious since they said we will talk about me getting another lizard. but they know where to hurt me if I do something wrong, threaten to take away my lizards.

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@cbbrown I don’t blame you for being cautious…I don’t trust them. Maybe they have seen the error in their ways for abusing you all these years…?


True, I would likewise be cautions. Man, would they take away your lizards? That would be very low.
:crocodile: However, it is a possibility. Like jukebox said, I’d recommend staying on guard.

On the mention of lizards: I have only seen a few large ones, and the first time I ever did, I got scared because one came running toward me. Heheheh. But, they are really cool and are some of the most colorful animals I’ve seen!

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