Something in this picture does not belong,,,


Can you spot it??


Is that a kitty peering out the cardboard box?


A aha ! That’s very funny !


Lol why yes it is!!


Haha she’s a silly cat


Man cats LOVE boxes


Lol yeah they do. One night there was this tiny box that was way too small for Tink Tink. She’s a big cat. Somehow, she managed to fold herself up in there even though the box was giving a little. It was so funny. I wish I’d thought to take a picture.



If I fitz, I sitz.



lol how cute!! :heart_eyes_cat:

tink tink looked kinda like this:



The cate I had loved boxes. We kept a shoe box in the living room for him to lay in. He could fold and stuff his body into surprisingly small spaces.


At our old house, we put a white square made of tape on the floor, and Tink Tink used to sit in there like it was an actual box.


That’s funny! Reminds me of Les Nessman from the old show WKRP In Cincinnati. He didn’t have an office, so he put tape on the floor where the walls would be and acted like he was opening and closing a door whenever he walked into his “office”.


Wow that’s fascinating. I wonder if the cat likes the feel of the tape? Otherwise that means it’s purely visual.


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