Something in David and mine bedroom (TW?)

Lately I’ve been scared of my and David’s bedroom… I still sleep there but it’s got something in it… Monday a phone I haven’t messed with for a year and last time I touched it I turned it off but Monday it turned ITSELF on and its alarm started going off at 3pm… Freaked me out… I know there isn’t a reasonable reason for anything to be there but I swear there is something in there… I can feel and get glimpses of it! I know there is logically nothing there but I can just tell something is there

Also I think a voice is back… It’s sarcastic a lot of the time

I seriously think I’m going nutty…

Is it the first time something like this happened?

@latenightsurfer. Yeah

Interesting 151515151515

Are you under any stress lately?
Has there been changes to your sleep pattern?

Maybe you should nip this in the bud and contact the pdoc, see if they want to change your dosage temporarily

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@latenightsurfer. Yeah

@Miika. I have the wedding coming up and I haven’t been getting good sleep… I talk to my med nurse Thursday


That’s probably what does it. Stress and sleep deprivation makes the brain more vulnerable to symptoms

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