Something I 'would dream' to try

I live in Portugal in the district of Lisbon to be exact, and here, there aren’t many financial supports from the state if your family aggregate earns more than a specific amount of money, meaning, that I don’t have the right to receive any kind of financial aid from social security.

The dream part comes now in the form of a recently acquired ‘taste’: Sushi

There is really only one school of sushi chefs available here and despite believing that I couldn’t handle the knives and the pressure of cuisine, I’ve became quite fond of, not only eating sushi, but trying to make it. But the course is so expensive for me that I cannot pay it. I cannot ask my family to support me in another try-and-quit-in-middle thing. They already have spent some money on other things I quit, and with the pension cuts because of the economic crisis the country is going through, they often comment that even though we aren’t eating from the ground sometimes the money that we receive from their pensions isn’t enough to pay for the cost of living, bills, food, gas and other common things.

So, it is a ‘would be a dream’ even though I’d probably cut a finger off because of my body and hand-arm tremors.

I’m just sharing something that I got enthused and happy with even though it might be only a fleeting dream. I feel good just watching all those sushi making techniques.

And the job situation here is awful specially taking in consideration that I personally don’t perform well under stress.

But hey. Just sharing… It’s dreaming right? Can’t hurt you?!


I would talk to your doctor about the hand tremors – they may be able to give you something that helps. As to learning sushi preparation, type those terms – sushi + preparation – into the Youtube search box. Hundreds of tutorials pop up:

Nothing stopping you from preparing your own! I make my own ice cream as a hobby and I’ve gotten quite good at it. Most who have tried it have become spoiled and no longer like the stuff they buy in the store.


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I already take propranolol for the hand tremors. They stopped when I started taking it but then they began again.

Making sushi from a video? I need assisted guidance.

Benedryl works for my hand tremors.

where is my ice cream !?!
take care :alien:

Ah, you’ll be fine. The nicest thing about learning cooking is you can eat the evidence whenever you make a mistake. Best way to learn, really. :wink:


I’ll probably never do it but I can’t imagine the feeling.
“We were getting bored of it so we started to play around.” WHAT!?!?

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