Something I used to believe

“Nobody said life was gonna be easy.”

tried to very rarely tell my daughter, It’s not fair, her CF.

but didn’t Job?

I could tell you horror stories of what I’m dealing with,
and fighting for, but I won’t.

so yeah Beth, I’m saying it now, It’s not fair.


I think maybe lifes not fair but ultimately things will be fair :heart: hope your doing well daze


thanks. there’s positives.
one is, our new Eliza girl is a total joy.

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Daze I started work yesterday. Can’t say enough good things about my boss. I’m back at my old job I quit in early 2021 they took me back I’m just filling in for people for now but they’ll get me on the schedule.


having money in your wallet is always a good thing.
I’ve had some good bosses too who let me be
creative on the job.

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He knows me well. I was just doing a walkthrough yesterday. I’m covering for this girl on Friday and Tuesday she’s going away so she taught me her job. And my boss said “Jon’s a hands on learner. Once he does something he understands it. Telling him how doesn’t always work”. And sure enough so I worked for like 45 minutes now I really comprehend the job. He was exactly right about me. The job is 3 hours. Cleaning a Catholic middle/elementary school in a nearby city. We take a lot of Catholic/Christian jobs because we’re a Christian company. Lol not me but I don’t disrespect their religion obviously. I go in again Friday from 430-730 with the other girl who I barely met. She does the downstairs I do upstairs so we’re kinda on our own. But I wasn’t on my own yesterday.


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