Something I learned in pharmacology

Medication takes about 4-5 times its half life (the time it takes for your body to get rid of half of the med in your system) to reach its steady state (full effectiveness/when you should start seeing effects). So if you want to know how long it should take your specific med to really be working you can calculate it this way.

Vraylar’s half life is 2-4 days. That means it can take up to around a month to be fully active effects wise. I think this could be why I didn’t get full side effects until I’d been on it for several weeks already.


Latuda has an 18-40 hours half life. How long does it take for latuda full effect?

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Hmm that’s around 1-2 days so max would be 5 half lives so 5x2 is 10, could take around 10 days to start seeing noticeable effects.

Rough math :slight_smile:


It didn’t kick in totally but exactly three weeks on the dot.


that’s pretty cool to know!
i’m going to study neuroscience myself once i get this treatment thing under control.


Actually a lot of neuroscience was learning about how much we DON’T know lol. Some stuff I learned during my degree was found to be wrong later, and some stuff when I took classes w similar material at a diff university had directly conflicting info! And my education is very recent and was at a large & good state university well known for its research. You come out of college feeling so smart and educated and then realize a lot was for naught! Hahaha. But was still worth it for me as there was plenty of good and interesting info too and it trained my brain to work harder :slight_smile:


I think for max effects it could take longer as meds have to change brain chemistry and gene activation and whatnot. Steady state is basically when your body stops eliminating it faster than you’re taking it so it can actually start to work. That’s the idea I got anyhow. Interesting!


I thought it takes 5 half-lives for a drug to be considered as no longer in your system.
The half-life of a drug is its half-life.

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I had a similar thing with immunology. I bought a textbook when I did my degree. Tried to sell it two years later and it was totally out of date

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Does invega sustenna stay in the body forever

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I take zyprexa…its a 24 hour med…and if disappears from the body in 4 days.

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That’s if you stop taking it.

No no med does. It keeps decreasing over time. So if the half life was 2 days and you were on 200 mg of something, after 2 days of not taking it, there would be 100 mg in your system. Another 2 days and there would be 50 mg left. Another 2 days and 25 mg. And so on until it was all gone.

But mine was an injection in my muscles

It is still eliminated by your kidneys and processed by your liver. It doesn’t stay in your muscles forever it’s absorbed into your blood just like a pill is.

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