Something I did today that helped with my mind

I changed how I think a bit, and this just was cool and good for my mind so blogging about it.

I was watching a video of a kid who had autism, and was a genius with it,
That is the idea I’m playing with.

it was about how he was never really someone to have interest in anything,
Tv school work etc,
And he was talking about how you should stop the learning processing, and instead create.

So what I did first was,
Changed the idea of my main interests to
Having no interest in anything going around to him or the learning or work of it and not have interest processing any of etc etc no interest in learning info. Having no interest in processing of anything.

no interest in mind of it, kind of like a genius who was bored sitting in school and didn’t have any interest in it and had no interest in anything and had no interest in processing of things where not a thought to him.

And from there I just sat back and relaxed.
And I just defined thought of the bad head traffic as creative suppression and myself I just sat back, basically still not interest in processing things, kept happy, like that genius in school.

And basically just sitting back from there
Having no interest in process information of and functions, the head really helped and was cool.

So just changing my main own interests

has been really good for my mental so just wanted to share.

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