Something helping with my sleep quality

We discussed sleeping problems and chronic tiredness. I can’t believe I can sleep better and feel replenished again. Therefore I am writing this thread to tell u about this. I wish to bring it up to u, that there is hope to get better.

I was researching for supplements prior to the psychosis and picked flaxseed oil, whole food multivitamins and Gingko for my condition. I forgot all about the reasonings and findings but I still have some stock at home so I tried them again. I obviously sleep better when I take the flaxseed oil and whole food vitamins. I feel less tired. I just begin on Gingko and so far I feel good about my concentration and clarity of thought. I feel the chronic headache is subsiding.

I think for the next thing to do I would put my extra energies into daily exercising.


Flaxseed contains a lot of omega 3. Maybe that’s the thing making you feel well. Omega 3 is also found in fish.

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