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Everywhere I looked, something reminded me of her…


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I live in Utah. There is a great place in Utah, called Moab. There are lots of red rocks, some towering into the sky, and some arches.

But some of the rocks look like a giant penis. And some other rocks look like a boob. I laughed about the rocks that looked funny. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Back to reality, what are those structures doing?

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few can find humor in phallic rocks and booby craters. I’d laugh, too.

@chordy: I believe those are nuclear reactors. some may speculate they are one in the same.


It can be seen on the 5 highway from Los Angeles to San Diego. I drove by the behemoths on every ride to and from college. And each time I did, I got a warm, bosomy feeling.


lol i got flagged, i guess u can only post subtle sexual jokes, and make threads about limp dick and poop

make sure you stay abreast of the rules. that’s it for me, good day!


Some people refer to them as “The tits” while driving from central California to San Diego I’d pass by them often. It was always a nice feeling of being almost there to see them.

@chordy I believe they’re nuclear power plants. I’ve read up a little bit on them, from what I remember one of them is slightly closer to the ocean and they were purposefully built that way to measure the effects of the ocean on nuclear waste.


I don’t get it?

That’s what my high school science teacher would say anytime anything remotely innuendo came up. I think he lived under a rock.


That reminds me of a substitute teacher in my health class. He told the class that “you can’t get pregnant just by a boy touching your leg”. :rofl: And he went on to tell a story of how he went on a date with a girl and put his hand on her leg, innocently, and the girl freaked out, saying she didn’t want to get pregnant.

So, this sub teacher just wanted to make sure my class wasn’t a bunch dumbasses. :joy:


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