Something everyone here needs to know from me

Just wanted to type this and say that anyone who wants to can message me about their problems. Iโ€™m not a therapist, but people tell me all the time I could be one. So message me if you wanna talk, vent, or just need a friend or someone to tell you everything is okay :smile:


maybe you should think about becoming a therapist, you could help and heal a lot of people.
take care

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I actually have thought about becoming one. I might pursue it, but I might not with the way my grades are.

i know i talk a lot about hypnotherapy but it does work and this is something you could do , you donโ€™t need any great grades , they earn good money and i have seen a lot of people give up addictions, it is pretty amazing stuff.
take care
p.s what about an art therapist.

art therapy would be a fun thing to do. I know I really enjoyed it when I was in the hospital.