Something dumb I did when I was a graduating senior in high school

It was graduation night and I was working as a detailer at Al Salyer Cadillac. I had a naturally curly blond afro and loved Jimi Hendrix if you get the picture. I was last in line to get into the garage where I could dry off my last cadillac to wash and go to graduation…when the first slip nearest the garage door was open I hit the gas and turned into the first slip…almost…the side of the brand new cadillac tore a gash on the rail of the garage door…boy was I stupid at that age…haha


That sucks! Lol! We all did stupid stuff at that age haha

At my graduation we all snuck marbles in and handed them to the principal as we shook his hand. He kept having to step to the side to empty his handfuls of marbles :rofl: and instead of our hats some of us threw forks into the air.


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