Somethin fun to do?

What’s somethin to do outside the house? Im bored and need to stop thinkin…

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Some game, like buy a soccer net and a ball.
Take walks.
sit on a chair.
Have some music on.
I dont know your weather though.

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Im in AZ so right now it’s 77… Tryin to appricate the weather before it hits 90s and worse… Just went for a walk but theres gotta be somethin more entertaining

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Is there golf in Arizona? Bowling? Croquet? If you have some space buy a recurve bow and take up archery. Bird watching. Do you have clear nights? Buy a small telescope and start star gazing.


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Love Arizona and Utah, so many national parks and roadside attractions. Everyone should go there before they die.

What was ur favorite thing bout AZ?

Antelope canyon, monument valley, Grand Canyon and few other nature attractions.

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