Someone very close to me has cataracts

It’s an immediate family member, she is part of my main support system.

It’s a sad day for me, but I’m trying not to feel down.


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They can take them out. It’s a safe and quick operation.


Thank you @everhopeful I’m not too knowledgeable about this stuff.

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I thought this was common and everyone got it. ?

Yeah my mum is having an operation for cataracts. In fact I think it is a local anaesthetic.


My mom had both eyes done at age 80. Simple in and out procedure.
She has better vision than me now.
Dad had them both done too.

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Cool. I think I got cataracts confused with glaucoma. Sounds like I was worrying over nothing.

Yeah cataracts used to be much more serious but modern medicine makes it very treatable.

My mom and grandma also had them.

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Of course not everyone gets cataracts.
My grandma is 85, still reads without glasses. Mom and dad need glasses for reading, but they still have sharp long distance vision.
No case of cataracts in my family.

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My mom was in the process of getting hers done when she passed away suddenly. But the first on was a 5 minute procedure and not to much discomfort. The only problem was all the eyedrops, she didn’t like those at all and had to do them for weeks.


Wow :open_mouth: my dad and gran had it. They got a lens fitted so don’t need reading glasses or any glasses.