Someone stole my tablet

When they broke in, in November. It was about 6 years old. A community agency is giving them free to low income people. So I’ll probably get a better one. But I had music from Amazon on it and they lost my old account.

Hope you get a replacement. That sucks @the music too.

Sorry about your loss!

Sorry you lost your music. No chance of contacting Amazon to restore your account?

All you need to do is reset your password. I forget mine and do that all the time.

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I’m sorry @Brendalyn

I’m sorry @Brendalyn. I’ve had things stolen and my home broken into and my car ransacked so I totally get it. I hope your new tablet is a great one

It is. I just got it. It’s an apple iPad. I just need to get wifi. I love it.


I tried, but when I put in my old email address, they can’t find it.

I got an apple iPad free.

Got a free apple iPad.

I have contacted them. They don’t have my old email address.

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That’s great! I’m happy for you :slight_smile:

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nice to hear you got new tablet @Brendalyn … sucks that they stole your old one =(

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