Someone should have told me the truth not encouraged!

stupid adults saying things like “you can do anything you put your mind to” i was 5’9, clearly i was not going to the nba haha. i should have hit the books instead. nobody ever told me it was a waste of time to play sports though.


No one ever told me that either and I didn’t realize that until over a decade after I had wasted 2 years playing basketball in junior high.


Not only is it a waste of time, but it can permanently damage your body.

My husband played high school football, not in college,

Still has back pain and has to get injections every few years.

It’s expensive and painful.


I still debate whether cheerleading was good or harmful.


I don’t think it is a waste of time.

You get a lot of good exercise which is good for your brain. You can also learn some life skills like how to handle defeat, how to work with a team, how to be a gracious winner and how to make friends amongst other lessons.


You never know…

Muggsy Bogues is only 5’3.

Just sayin’.



Yeah man pain cream ads are full of “works great for nagging sports injuries”, just heard that claim the other day while watching ads during a show. It always made me think, why would you want an injury that’s gonna nag you when you’re 70? Just so you can play a sport for a couple of years when you’re young? Definitely not an even trade-off unless you were making millions playing pro.


If someone had told you as a teenager you would never be good at the sport you were passionate about, would you have believed them?
Would you have quit and found a new hobby?
Would you have been happier?

Or would you get hurt, angry, and determined to prove them wrong?


I liked my father very much, but he said one stupid thing to me when i was a kid: “You can be whatever you want to be”

I wanted to be an american spy in Moscow, but I turned out to be schizotypal instead. :frowning_face:


In the psych ward this staff guy would talk about grandiosity like “I’m too short to be in the nba so I gave up on that dream”

He said it multiple times and each time I said “there is mugsey :rofl:


There is nothing the matter with having dreams and hopes, its only natures way of dashing them so utterly that is so maddening. Through some twisted nuance your dreams and hopes will curdle and age like milk as you make progress towards them, or you yourself will show your true colors and reveal that the character necessary to obtain them escapes you.

Doesn’t matter though. We were made to dream. To hope. To hurt. Just gotta build that skin and develop your tastes till you can imbibe the fruits of your labors and be satisfied. And if you aren’t satisfied there’s a large support group of other bitter souls to have solace in.

I didn’t live this life of a mortal to end it unbroken untested, untried. I will take my lashes, will see my gardens wilt, and my friends die before me. The good in the world will seem as rare and temporary as a perfect day and as fleeting in memory.


That was beautiful @Ryanana . You are both a philosopher and a poet.


I get a little self indulgent sometimes, I kind of think it looks cringe but this is kind of a complain thread and I just wanted to vent my own way.

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I had a strong interest in the natural sciences and my voices made me give up my pursuit, “you’re going to be a mystic”, they said. Then after a few months they told me, “you’re not going to be a mystic”. But it’s not too late, I can find some literature any time I want, as long as it’s for the lay-reader.

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Sports build confidence and teach teamwork. You ever wonder why the jocks are always the most popular group (or clique) in schools? They also get all the girls.

You’re modest too my dear. You don’t come across as complaining.

I still play competitive cricket at 50. It’s a bit like golf in that it requires certain skills but I’m not the best but I’m certainly not the worst. Sport is just good for me to compete with others on a more even keel. I don’t compete with most people in life so it’s nice to do that and succeed. Sure I fail a lot but I actually don’t do too badly.

You don’t have to be a super competitior or a gun player. Just playing is enough to enjoy it. That is the key. It’s all about enjoyment. Yeah you might make the NBA but if it’s a job it’s not as fun as average Joe in the office. That is my take on it.


Why do we have to keep telling people obvious things?

Obvious cat is obvious. Or so I thought.