Someone said I am obsessed with my dogs

“Someone I love” says I am obsessed with my dogs. I tried to feed them more food because my dogs didn’t eat much food today.

Another person I know told me that I was obsessed with my dogs as well so I deleted my profile picture to make them believe that I’m not obsessed with them.

I just like my dogs…they’re cute and lovely just the way they are.

Am I not allowed to love my dogs?

Or am I being obsessed with them?

I’m thinking of cutting all human interactions because I just can’t deal with people anymore.

I can’t deal with what’s around me.

I just want to do my own thing in peace without getting my happiness disturbed.

I want to isolated myself from everyone.

People don’t like the way I do things so I just to isolate and stop talking to people.

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What’s the problem with being
obsessed with your dogs?

I’m not entirely sure.

I’m really paranoid about what people think of me.

I’m scared and worried that people hate me…

I just want to stop talking to people and isolate myself forever.

People who have dogs are usually obsessed with their dogs :slightly_smiling_face:


I think any dog owner is obsessed with their furry friends, just shows you truly love them!! Also why shouldn’t you be, it’s not hurting anyone!


It’s ok to be obsessed with your dog. I’m obsessed with mine too.


I’m obsessed with my cat and bird, and I’ll be damned if someone tried to make that seem as if it is a bad thing. They are vital for my mental health.

I wouldn’t put too much stock in what they say, but don’t cut everyone out. There are people who get it, but you’ll never meet them if you block everyone out.

Give your dogs a kiss from me. :dog::dog:


I don’t want to make friends because I know that they will end up leaving me or hate me.

It’s no use making friends if they are just not going to like you.

I’m done. I give up.

(Also my dogs went for a walk so I will give them a kiss later!)


I love dogs, and I have a cat. I love them all. I think that is just a sign of having a good heart

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nothing wrong with being obsessed with your dogs. Enjoy their company as much as possible. My kitty cat died and i miss her every day so i say enjoy their company as much as you can while they are still here.


I’m unashamedly obsessed with my little doggie. He’s my fur baby. Don’t feel bad about it. Dogs are your best friend in the world


I don’t think you should be concerned about what people think of you and I also think it’s okay to be obsessed with your dogs.

Someone told me that once too, because I was getting anxious to leave the party so I could check on them.

It’s fine.

They are probably right, but who cares?


I’m obsessed with my wee doggie as well because I love her and she’s so important to me.

#TeamObsessedWithMyDog. :heart_eyes: :dog:


oh I love my dogs…!! obsessed? absolutely !


I’m obsessed with my new puppy!
It’s a healthy kind of obsession.

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I feel just like you do @laetitia . I feel like the whole world hates me deep down and because of that, I just want to isolate/withdraw and avoid people. I can do that for the most part but now and then, I gotta put up with the hate.

I am obsessed with computers but its not pathological, its my hobby.

Thanks, all.

My dogs are so adorable. Absolutely cute.
Can’t imagine my life without them. :two_hearts::dog2:


They’re called “Man’s best friend” for a reason. They’re furry, they’re cute, they do silly things, they love on us just because, they listen and don’t judge, they give us love when no one else is around, they want to be your shadow. Yeah, not seeing a problem here. FYI, I’d pick my dog before most family members.

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I was obsessed with my dog when I still had him. I missed a week of classes and work because of how bad my symptoms got when I had to put him down. It’s not a bad thing to be obsessed with.

This was my baby