Someone rang the doorbell

When I opened the door, no one was there. Kind of has me paranoid now. My mom also heard the doorbell so I’m not going crazy. Maybe it was kids just messing around.

Probably was kids messing around. I don’t get it as I live in an apartment


Hopefully it was just kids.

probably just kids. one time that kept happening to my brother and he ran down the kids and took them back to their house to tell their parents. my brother is crazy haha. my brother is former special forces, he can be intense and intimidating. I felt bad for the kids, they were probably scared shitless.

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And that’s why I have a Ring doorbell.

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I kept thinking there was someone at my door as well. Blasted thing bangs when the windows open on the communal stairs, sets off the paranoia. Thought about one of those ring door-bells as well, but it would have to be outside on the main front communal door - and ive got visions of someone nicking it.

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When I was a kid we would play ding dong ditch. I now realize how unkind that was.


I used to do this as a kid. It’s a kid thing to do.


Knock knock
Who’s there?
To who?
No, to whoM

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Yeah, we were still doing that even after entering high school.

I’ve had knocks at 3am, but i,'m bedridden so the door doesn’t get answered. I figure it was the band of 14byear old they caught shooting houses up and down my street with BB guns, the cops caught them 2 blocks down with thousands of ammo and empty guns in a parking structure where they’d been shooting out car windows at 5pm on a Thursday. Glad the little bastards were caught, 6 of em. Since being arrested no knocks, but still not cool.

One night I heard the doorbell, I woke up and asked who was it. No one replied. It was heard in my dream. It was not real

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