Someone motivate me to do my sociology essay!

I’m really unmotivated due to severe depression and I really need to get this ■■■■ done before November. Can anyone motivate me?

What is the subject matter?

Why do you have to write a sociology essay?

It’s for a class.

There are questions I have to answer that’s basically on various topics of sociology.

Why are you taking the class?

Sometimes for me it helps to drill down on the reasons I’m doing things in order to shore up the motivation.

You could also break it down into smaller pieces and reward yourself for each part you accomplish.

I’d be happy to “trade a task” with you, like @ninjastar does. I’ll do something I need to do, if you do something you need to do.


I was planning to major in sociology before I decided to just take English- plus it’s a great option class to see how the world works.

Yes, let’s trade a task!


I did a master’s in sociology, one of the best things I ever did. Very rewarding discipline. Best of luck with your essay.


I will do calculus homework in exchange for your essay!

I will do trigonometry in exchange as well :+1:

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