Someone link the name of the guy who likes posting those epic poems

Dream what I never dream before,
I woke up and saw my throne sky high,
That’s a lot of hope,
We can drop the top and just cruise,
I never worry,
We are just getting started.

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do you mean @everhopeful? he shares poems on here.

I would share my poems, but they are too… detailed for the people here

my poems are on OCPoetry: the place where young poets die

but poetry is my freedom and fun. that and hanging with my brother.


so detailed?! does anybody know you in life? as long as you are having a discussion without hurting anybody :wink:

This should be about how we seat back everyday stressing about the voices as though they’ll be leaving soon… when in reality, it’s always gonna be there, so what’s the point of stressing about it? or feeling anxious?

Surprise surprise… it’s just me myself and I.

I don’t know what that means - just saying you can have some freedom - have fun!

where should I begin… yea:
Lil wayne,
Johnny Depp,
Nicki Minaj,
Some chick from Thor… don’t remember her name,

Am actually considered a celebrity around these sides…

just joking about the celebrity list… but funniest thing use to happen to me… every once in a while, while am talking to people, my voice would just change and it would be like am lip sync another persons voice; first it was just people I knew, but then one day, I literally lip sync’d Johnny Depp lol… and it didn’t stop their, different people, some I never even met before lol - famous people hahah… literally would be like am lip syc their words/voice…

But it stopped after a while, hasn’t happened in a long time

But I like to imagine it was my conscious way of telling me to understand the situation from their perspective… But in reality it was probably just another freaky schizo episode thing; it was literally like their ghost possessed me and I became them for a while… in voice

they’d probably be calling people witches… if they were in my position… or probably pay for some super expensive experimental brain surgery to remove that aspect of their mind