Someone kick me in the pants

I have zero motivation to get off my butt and shower. I know I have to but I’m procrastinating. AGH I need to just do it I know I’ll feel better after but I hate doing things some times. I’m lazy as hell.


:boot: :boom: :shower: :wink:

hope that helps lol


Sniff sniff, ewwwww…What’s that smell?
(Just kidding, now go get in the shower)

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Sure take one, and when you are done washing be sure to turn the water as hot as you can stand it and just sit there for an hour contemplating things.

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Sorry, I don’t kick girls… :smiley:

If you don’t really smell and aren’t all itchy and don’t have to go out and meet anyone… it’s not even a big deal…but if it’s bothering you…

then go take a shower… and hopefully you have some fragrant scented shampoo or soaps that are relaxing…

Haha thanks it helped

i don’t shower for two weeks, that’s minimum.
take care

This might not help. I don’t think you are being lazy, you just don’t want that sensation right now.

I had a great aunt that was born in 1899, she died when she was 89 years old.

My grandmother used to complain that she (her sister, my great aunt) refused to take a bath or shower, and could barely be convinced to do so.
They both lived close by and I visited often, but I never recalled my great aunt smelling at all. Nothing. Not even that “little old lady” stench that god knows you don’t require that much powder for anyone’s health or well being.

She pretty much proved to me that as long as you keep clean, a shower or bath doesn’t promote a long life.

The shower is the best place to sing :slight_smile: It has the best acoustics. Go buy some fancy shampoo :slight_smile: coconut or something you love and remember what a luxury it is to have clean running water. I have a hard time finding the energy to shower sometimes so O take a break first. It makes it way easier.

I like to sing during shower too,I feel like a pro artist sometimes…haha

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I’ll kick you, if you kick me.

kick kick kick kick in the pants

Thanks for the advice. I took my music into the bathroom and sang my little heart out.