Someone keeps entering

The flat above me is vaccant but a couple of times a week someone comes in the night and stays there and leaves at 6AM.

I might sound paranoid but I have good ears and Im sure of it. I hear them moving around on the ceiling etc using the bathroom, sometimes cough etc.

I told the staff that run this block of flats and they didnt take it seriously for ages until I told their manager that they ouught to change the locks. But even after theyve changed them, this person is still entering somehow.

I dont really know what I can do. I have to A) prove it. B) deal with the issue.
Or I can do nothing

Anyone have any advice?


That’s weird. I used to get spooked living in a very old house. I would be by myself and I would stand in the hallway I’d hear something walking cos the floors would creak.

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Maybe call the cops the next time you hear someone in there. :pig::pig::pig:

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I think since you have complained let it go they will take care of it, being good will end our self in trouble. That to since our thinking is bit off. Just let it be, dont care.
May be something going on but I stopped giving or caring untill it effects me in person, there are things in my control and some outside, i think its 5 % in my control, i read it some where but unable to recollect where i read it.

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