Someone is spreading rumors about me

I’m seeing a lot of signs that bad rumors are being spread about me. It’s like someone will see me pass by in the van, and they will turn and look the other way. Or I’ll see someone go up to a person and speak to them, and that person will stare at me. It could be a number of things they are saying about me. One time I was at a friend’s house. His mother and his two year old daughter was there. Then a couple of guys came over, one of whom was really drunk. He had sat down for about two minutes, and then he said to me, “I’ve been watching you. You’ve been bothering that little girl.” I hadn’t gotten within twenty feet of that little girl. There was no chance of a mistaken interpretation. There was absolutely nothing to make him think I might be bothering that little girl. He swung at me, but he was so drunk I got the better of him pretty easily. They got me off of him, and the father of the little girl asked me to leave. The girl’s father told me later that about thirty minutes later this derelict came back with five other guys looking for me. Sometimes I get reports from people who have been over at his house of nasty things he’s said about me. One time a girl told me he’d said I was a baby raper. The guy has done hard time, and he has twelve years probation.

It’s sounds partially like paranoia. This drunk guy with a record…I wouldn’t worry about that. You can’t take someone like that credible under those cirumstances. If he came back with 5 guys after he put himself in the jackpot just shows he is a baby.