Someone is putting pictures in my mind

I think someone is putting pictures in my mind and also words, I need to stop them. I want to hire a detective to find out who is doing this to me. Maybe I will find out who these people are. It is causing me a lot of grief. I would like to get the people out of my body. I feel possessed.

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Nobody can insert pictures or thoughts into your head. There’s no technology for it, and if there were, why would they do it to a random person?
You need to contact your pdoc and have your meds adjusted instead of wasting your money on a detective.

You come here all the time and post about symptoms, but you never reply when asked what your doctor is doing about them or whether or not you’ve even gone to see the doctor in the first place.

PLEASE seek help.

I am seeing a doctor for this and taking meds.

Maybe it is a fluke why this is happening, maybe these people are psychic or it is black magic. I hope they will leave me alone.

They make me feel terrible.

What sort of pictures are you seeing?

You sound like me at one time and to a certain degree today. I called the police 10x to get them to investigate my “case.” I ended up in 5150. My doctor doesn’t even want to talk about my delusions, only my reality. I have researched black magic enough to know that the politically correct term now is “harmful magic.” Not that it helps.

it is me , i am sorry to do this to you

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