Someone in my life brings out the worst in me

I have obligations towards her only living up to this responsibility is really getting me down. she aggravates me and I try so hard not to be an angry person.

i’d like to get out of this relationship but I cannot.

it’s a daily problem. she eggs me on several times a day to exhibit anger and there is only so much I can keep inside. its just too much for me.


It’s kind of scary, because I have a Judy problem, hehe, someone is my life.
Cut ties immediately, give it 6 months, try to come back gradually, the situation will be different and you will be stronger.


Who is this Judy? You dont have to stay in any relationship if its toxic for you.

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If somebody is not doing there part to keep a healthy relationship then make sure you communicate this to them. If you don’t get anywhere then pray and move on.


I don’t know what your obligations towards her are, but sometimes you need to think of yourself. Is there anyone you could get to stand in for you? Maybe someone else could handle part or all of your obligations.