Someone here is yelling

A new kid came here and is yelling random ■■■■


Hopefully the staff will help them calm down.

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Yeah I thought it was nice to meet new ppl but apparently not

Just because someone is having a mental health crisis doesn’t mean they’re all bad. You have had your own meltdowns. Let this person settle in and get treatment for a bit. You might actually become friends when they’re a little more stable

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i think its just because they didn’t want to come here

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Neither did you

Yes but I didn’t yell and scream when I came here

You threatened people and acted out a lot before. You may just have done it in a different place

I’ve only threatened 2 people

My point is you too are an imperfect person. Try to give this person a chance

I understand that but we can’t do snything fun because of her on this weekend

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Try to do things that calm you down by lessening your stress.

I sympathize @Crystal-Cotton. I have a sensory disorder myself so I don’t tolerate loud outbursts from others well. I find stimming helps when blocking the noise isn’t possible. Is that an option for you?

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Idk if I’ve ever stimmed

Is that at a hospital or a care home?

Foster home that is

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I have flashing fidget spinners that I stash everywhere.

They’re inexpensive and a helpful distraction when I’m overloading.

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@velociraptor @Crystal-Cotton I stim with my hair regularly and I often stimulate myself by looking at colours in my pencil collection as well as feeling the pencils while I draw. I guess feeling my pencils on paper is a form of stimming.


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