Someone here is a bad influence

They seem to be on a mission to get rid of all their cars and sedans. Disgusting.

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That makes me sad. My first car was a Z28 Camaro (1983).


Yeah. If you want a Chevrolet sports car you are going to have to spring for the Corvette. It’s a nice car but much more expensive.

The new ones start at like $70,000. And right now dealers are getting over sticker for them. They are in high demand.

The new sports cars are too fast IMO. I’m in my mid-fifties, I don’t have the kind of reflexes you need to drive like that now. I’ll stick with my Impala.

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They have come a long way. My 1970 Mustang has a 351 W. Which is bigger than a 302 which the new 5.0 Mustangs come with. But even with a 4 barrel you aren’t getting but about 225 250 horsepower at best unless you stroke it and seriously Mod it. Some V6s have more hp than that now.

These new cars come close to 400 ho or more.
I bought two 5.0 Mustangs last year and brought them both back. They both had more hp than my 21 year old Corvette but not noticeably different.

My Corvette has about 350 horsepower and the new Mustangs have about 460. Still I didn’t notice much difference in the performance driving them. And the Mustangs I bought were about $35,000 used so the note was in the $600 a month range. One was a 2016 and the other a 2018. I didn’t keep either of them.

I only paid about $14,000 for my Corvette 3 or so years ago. I couldn’t see paying over twice as much for a car that’s not anymore fun to drive.

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