Someone hates me


The girl watching me and commenting about me hates me. She thinks i’m a pervert and a racist(not sure bout this one). She calls me fat and a ■■■■. I don’t even know who she is. I think shei’s a total extremeist. I don’t harm others nor wish to. She beyond perfect herself. Never in my life do i feel so despised. Hate feeling hated. What to do in this situation. Thinking that being called a ■■■■ is a bit harsh. I don’t think i’m stupid like she thinks.


if this person is ’ real ’ ignore them…find some nicer friends.
if ’ not ’ real ’ ignore them…find some nicer imaginery friends.
take care :alien:


thanks darksith, miss the old me, had friends , more privacy, only hated occassional anxiety attacks, It’s hard to shake these people off


know someone cares.
take care :alien:


is this a real person or a voice in your head of a real person? if it’s a real person then don’t even interact with them, they are not worth your time. if it’s a voice in your head then try to ignore it as best you can. it’s just your fragmented mind role playing in the most horrible of ways. it’s not anyone outside your head. they cannot hear you outside the confines of your own mind. i know it seems real and i struggled with this for years but when you think about how it would be possible and what it would mean in reality for someone to hear your thoughts 24/7 it starts to get a little unrealistic. is it a voice in your head or a real person? it’s difficult to know how to answer your post till i know. x