Someone from my past is active again

A Malicious woman from my past who hurt me a lot during psychosis, is active on Instagram now since a couple months.
I did not give much attention since it is the past.

First she followed my Boyfriend, I warned him about any interaction. And today my best friend called me and told me she is following her on Instagram, and they had not even met.

I immediately went in my 3 accounts and blocked her on three. And just warned her because she is a psychopath in a way that she plans on how to hurt people around her, not in a physical way but like spreading rumours, humiliating, and stuff of that kind. She does not have a conscience.

I hope nothing comes out of it because she was the main trigger of my first time psychosis. I can not stand her existence.
She is everything I hate to be.


What ? :astonished: How did she get their details?

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Sounds like she’s stalking you

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Well we all are from the same small town. Everyone knows each other. When I checked her account, 3 of my friends were following her back.

Everyone knows what kind of a person she is though. The whole community knows.

She could or could not be stalking me but if she gets jealous, she loses control of herself. I have spent a lot of time with her. And in between people, she acts like an angel, who is very innocent. What a vicious lady!

I have only resentment left from her which comes and goes and today when I saw her pictures, I had no reaction. I only worry about her planning and hidden agenda.


Imagine once we were at a wedding, another friend’s wedding and me and her were doing our makeup together and sh told the makeup artist about the bride like this

'You know what kind of people these are?! The bride’s mom buys her condoms and vaseline from the pharmacy. These people are like this! Yuck!

She humiliated the bride in front of all of us whether or not it was true, she is a great actress. And imagine, on a friend’s wedding day.

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You blocked her,

So, the problem seems solved.

Don’t let this woman get to you anymore,

She clearly doesn’t deserve all the credit you’re giving her.

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