Someone else see the future?

My voices told me the future, I know this because I even wrote the things I heard and then it happened, someone else have this?


My mother’s voices do but they are always wrong…


Probably not. This answer may generate controversy. Many arthritis patients absolutely swear that they can predict the weather based on their joint symptoms, and there may be something to it. The explanation usually revolves around changes in barometric pressure. However, in the limited scientific studies available patients couldn’t predict the weather based on their joint symptoms.

I think it may be just coincidences or something

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It’s coincidences. I experience deja vu and often have trouble not believing I have prophetic dreams. Life just happens to have a lot of patterns.


I can see that in the future we all will be dead someday. I consider that a guarantee based on years of historical knowledge and personal experience. I think it will happen within the next 100 years too. I also predict that after we are gone there will still be schizophrenia. And I think the sun will set later today and rise in the morning. Blizzard the great prognosticator hath spoken.

What if your senses fooled you and no one really died? :no_mouth:

Mine have said phrases, and then a minute later my wife will say the same phrase.

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I guess existence itself would be a delusion then and we never really lived.

Why? It has no requirements and is the only evidence.

In my case I heard a voice telling me that the strongest man of my country would be killed, two weeks later it happened. Now I know that must be a hidden feature of schizophrenia because I read some had this problem. In 97% of the cases my voices are wrong

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I’ve heard it claimed before. Never seen proof that would convince me. We have a little disease called schizophrenia that altars our thinking and perspective and makes us believe in stuff that no rational person would accept as true. You know how I know this? I’ve had paranoid schizophrenia for 38 years.

I learned that despite me thinking for a few months that every oncoming car in traffic at night was flashing their high beams at me, I had to learn I was wrong. When I thought I could control the figures in an old video arcade game in the pizza parlor on the screen with just my thoughts I was dead wrong. You live and learn.

When I was sure the bus driver was going to kidnap everybody on the bus and drive us to a remote area and hold us for ransom I got off immediately in the middle of nowhere and walked three miles home(to be fair, a couple of criminals had just done something similar a few months earlier in real life and it was all over the news. So I was thinking of that at the time). I don’t want to burst your bubble but we all think bizarre thoughts that are simply not true. If we’re lucky some delusions fade away with time.

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Yes it happens to me also. Called sick sense. Back in the day oracles. The third :eye:.

I wish I could foresee the lottery numbers.

Don’t drink the Kool aid.that ■■■■■■■ was off his rocker.

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Only way to predict the future is for it to be pre-planned, pre-destined, in my opinion!!

omg anyone else think about Dune (the books + movies) with this thread?

The future has already been written. I have dreams and months later that thing happens.

Not really. Sometimes the depression forces me to think about the most likely outcomes of things whenever I think about doing them.

When I was psychotic yes I thought I remembered voices saying things n then them happening but… It could not have been possible so I don’t know what that was

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