Somehow they can

Somehow they can see into my room, which makes me angry enough, but what really pisses me off about it is that they are in front of a camera broadcasting their presence to thousands of people. Then they say I’m invading their privacy. God that makes me mad.

you don’t sound well @crimby are you telling your pdoc about these paranoias? broadcasting sounds like what I had back when I was sick.

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I see my pdoc for about ten minutes once a month, but I’ll be okay. We have counselors where I live. These feelings will go away.

you’re scared of people wielding big knives…now you think you are being televised nationally or something…you are not well tell your pdoc man.

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It’s just a normal reaction to be a little uneasy when you see someone buy a mean looking knife. I’m not too worried about it, though. I don’t think they are likely to use these knives on me.

You suspect it is not true. I have gone to the far side of psychosis and made it back. Or, according to my main voice, I just know how to act. People don’t care if you are harmless and I am most of the time. Seriously, I’m for realz. One indicator is I have trouble reading and following the content on YouTube, but I can do other things.

I get so angry when they give me the runaround at the bank. I’m thinking about switching banks further down the road. In the meantime green tea and my med’s keep me in line. I don’t like getting super angry.

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