Somebody started swearing at me on the subway

Just because I dropped my mask on the way back home and didn’t have one. Why do some people have to be so judgemental?

Because they’re concerned about COVID.

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Probably some jerk just looking for an excuse to ruin someone’s day. Even in my small town I run into these people now and again.

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Probably because of COVID. That happened here too.

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my mom was wearing a mask and walking with my sister and she said a woman in her 30’s pushed her arm and said, “hey six feet !!” mom was so surprised she didn’t say anything but that made me mad.

Because wearing a mask can literally be the difference between life and death. And people take that seriously. He didn’t handle the situation good and he could have said it in a normal tone of voice and he didn’t have to swear and he might have been a jerk but he didn’t know you. And he didn’t know you accidentily dropped it. You might have told him you lost it but you have to understand, it really upsets people when they are taking precautions and someone else endangers their lives.


I think this meme says it all…


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