Somebody said that names matter, but do they

During my bicycle riding trips I may see many people, today I talked with at least five people, and I do not even know their names. So the names do not really matter although some people may have their whole indentity in their names. My name (a nickname from the early 1970s) is Make, I have a joke, Swedish women love their Makes, their husbands. I never ask people’s names.

I have a hard time remembering names. A lot of the time I’ll remember everything about a person except what his or her name is. It can be embarrassing.

My little town has changed during many decades, now we have people from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, Austria, India, Russia and elsewhere, yesterday I met that one person who had been in Cuba, today I had a chance to speak English with one person from India, he had stopped smoking and used nig gums. We have also Roma people, some still speak their Roma language, they left India/Pakistan hundreds of years ago. We have also refugees from Syria and Iraq. People have come here from many places of this own little world. I almost forgot people from Turkey.

In the 1970s when I was a little kid I was interviewed what I thought about the internationalization and I recall saying it is good. Well, I traveled in the US and the world in my younger years and now the world has come here.

I have a joke I have had for some time. I have a good place for a new Trump Tower, in the place of my old kindergarten where I was in the early 1970s :smile: just my joke …

Sounds very cosmopolitan

Yes, this little town here in eastern Finland has changed a lot … one could speak in different languages here …

We have had also some Americans here …

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