Some worries are rational, some are not

And what is a rational worry to some is not rational to others. For instance, if cancer runs in the family, it’s a rational worry. If there is no history of cancer and you are worried anyway, I’d call that a pressured and irrational worry.

I have big issues with irational worrying.

Right. It’s when a worry is so consuming that it spoils our joie de vivre.

I take buspar now and that helps, but I would get ill from worrying so much

I’m pretty sure my worries aren’t rational unless there IS a chance I am going to be emotionally and physically terrorized in front of the whole world for the purposes of a brain study. Every day, all day, I worry. That is why I take the AP. My level of worrying is called ‘paranoia’.

Most of my worries are rational…but taken to such an extreme they become irrational…hmm could be true of all fears…irrational is just extreme rational…


If there was such a thing as a PhD in worrying and catastrophic thinking, i would be Dr. Moonbeam. It’s unbelievable how creative my mind is in coming up with countless ways that things could go wrong. :rolling_eyes:


I am the same way @Moonbeam

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