Some women are just evil, a true story

I knew years ago one man who was five years older than I am. He was generally a good person with alcohol habit. He had been many years without any woman and then he met one woman. This woman made him to fall in love with her, which started it all. This man was so much in love with her that he placed her photo on his wall. But while all this was happening this woman drank beer and partied and this man paid it all. They continued in this way for few months, but when the man run out of money this woman just left him. His love ended suddenly and then once I heard how he loudly spoke on his cell phone and told to somebody that this woman had sucked him dry. Basically, he lost his money due to this woman, but this was not all. He lost also his driver’s lisence and had three DUIs and eventually spent 15 days in one prison. Some women are just evil.

I am having a difficult time with your title ‘Some women are just evil, a true story’
How about changing the title to ‘Some people are just evil, a true story’
Listen, I was married to a sociopath - Yes she was a woman, but I do not paint all women evil, or as bad seeds.
In fact I am more apt to trust and confide in women over males. They seem to be more caring and nurturing as a whole - in general. Yeah I could be bitter about all of the bad things she did to me - cheating, lying, stealing etc…
I could take that bitterness and blame all women - but this would be shallow and low of me.
The truth is that there are good people and “bad” people and everything in between


I agree with Wave that both men and women can be evil, but I think that generally they express their evil in different ways.


I had a woman take me for every cent she could get out of me. I got away from her with the clothes on my back after we had an argument about God. Boy, did she take me to the cleaners.

A lot of women get ripped off by men, too.

I think that women generally take everything they can from men financially while men take everything they can from women emotionally (just using them for sex, ditching them if they find a prettier girl.)

You might be right. Mathematically it is proven.

Girls require time and money
(Girls = Time x Money)
But we all know time is money
(Time = Money)
(Girls = Money x Money),
(Money x Money = Money squared)
And because money is the root of all evil
(Money = square route of all evil)
(Girls = (the square route of all evil)squared)
So we are forced to conclude that girls…
(Girls = Evil)
Hope that solves anyone’s problems understanding where this topic comes from mathematically.


But there tweren’t no good people nowhere.

Good person is an oxymoron.

It’s just that the majorities have their most common great evils that cause many problems so they think it’s good and they call that good even though it isn’t at all.

There is only one way to make a good person, or good being in general, and that is to give him to himself and make him experience his own ways in their entirety, the reasons in his mind then break down and he sees, it takes time though to do this.

Women are evil, what can we say, and so are men, and animals, it’s all an interconnected evil fest down here where everyone takes their lot and then screws it to hell.

You know it actually shocks most people to wake up to the fact they were evil and why they were evil, it’s so freaking wierd.

It’s like an “entreprenuer”(spelling?) thinks they are just a fine person, but when you ask their workers they don’t sound so great because all they do is enslave people and throw them the scraps their entire lives, they should be called entre-manures actually, meaning a highway robberist hell bent on ruining others lives and reaping the rewards of others hard work.

You even try to tell them though they won’t get it at all because it’s normal, it’s on paper so it’s fine, it is only until they recieve those things that they learn and see and grow out of it.

People have to wake up to that, you are all evil, being good is something learned through experience, it’s not a simple choice to do it and thats it.

In the dark completely we begin.

Nope, you’re wrong, about so many things.

It says in the Bible that humanity’s original sin was wanting to know good from evil. On a personal level, there are traits which we can all agree on that are evil, but on a political level, one person’s ultimate good is another’s ultimate evil. Many Muslims think the US is the ultimate evil, and we think they’re the ultimate evil. During the cold war we thought Russia was the ultimate evil, and they thought likewise about us. During WWII we thought the Nazies were evil, but inside Germany, they thought they were the ultimate good. I can’t form any conclusions about the nature of good and evil from this. It’s just food for thought.

You missed the fact that most of the most evil people in history thought that they were doing good.

Well that’s mostly media propaganda I think. I’m pretty sure about it too.

My Mom (who has taken it hook line an sinker) gets all hot under the collar about Muslims that they all hate Americans and want to kill us all and stuff. She thinks that all the Muslims celebrated at 9/11.

I’m not saying none of them did, but I don’t think someone who chooses to live in this country would want to see it destroyed. If they did why would they live here? She seems to think they are all terrorists. If so why aren’t there more bombings? There are enough Muslims in this country (there is bound to be. It is the second largest religion in the world) that bombs would be going off every day.

I went to boarding school with several Muslim girls. We never had any problems. There were several Jewish girls too. Never any problems. I was on the fencing team with a Muslim girl from New Jersey and no problems. In fact she, another girl, and I hung out together in the minutes between exercises. She never expressed any desire to hurt me. She was a really nice girl. It wasn’t just US Muslims there. Most of them were from the Middle East. Once more. No problems.

My Mom tries to also say that they all support the violent jihad groups. I pointed the westboro Baptist church out to her. She actually defended them and said ‘they don’t kill people’. I stumped her with the Christians who think it is ok to kill abortion doctors though.

It’s all hate stirred up by our media because they want to cause violence and bloodshed so that people will keep watching their show.

I have a feeling this is all unfiltered stream of consciousness stuff, so keeping that in mind I still have to say,
business owners are not all enslaving people and throwing them the scraps…some of them are honest, hard working, brilliant people who take only what they need and ensure that their employees have what they need at the same time. My father is the president of a company he founded in the 80’s with all he could scrape together, his employees think very highly of him, the community in which he is a fixture thinks very highly of him, and so does his family. The picture you paint of entrepeneurs as greedy and evil robbers is absolutely false. My father is the most honest, well meaning if slightly socially awkward person I’ve ever known.

Mind you this is coming from someone who views the great faceless corporation with deep suspicion (but shops at their stores out of convenience)

Well the fact is that the people who make the money are the ones who take the risks. (Not talking about heirs and heiresses)

It seems like lots of people work for years for another person while dreaming of opening their own business but they never take the risk.

The Muslims I worked for in the pizza delivery business were all okay.