Some were on the other side of the world..........!

Hi Dr Zen Here, in the land of Oz, you know, I come from a state so poor, that we feed over half the bird population for free, why other states , chose to eat pizza scraps, we grow it. the wicked winds of the north came calling too day. put on a show of rain. the little ones played in the gym. by now you 'd think id lost my mind, all the stress, from the evil politician of the east, the muckskins just pull off work the state fair, no one work as hard. so now I set in the house built on sand and salt. waiting. for the morning to rise.

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IN the land of Oz we call it Down Under…

You eat vegemite on toast for breakfast. You drink XXXX beer in the evenings…

We need some rain my friend…send some of that this way!

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