Some time I wonder were do I go from here

Of course it matters but what to stand on feels missing is this come in schizophrenia that normals never exspirance?

I think it just comes down to perspective and chemical imbalance. :confused: The normals tend to handle an unknowing question with wonderment, or slight concern. We handle it with math, raving like a mad scientist(or atleast I do). Say for example, suddenly the apocolypse is happening, you get hit in the head, and wake up in a desert land. Everyone is seemingly dead. The entire earth is yours to walk. It’s insane because everything is different. But now consider the scenario where you’ve been in the same said post-apocalypse wasteland your whole life. Suddenly it’s not so strange. It’s just what is. Another: you’re a human. No, you’re a near-invisible spec in a solar system in-pertainable to the vast universe. We sz don’t feel like we have a home in thought, because everything is far-fetched, but yet all related in thought. An apple is red, so is a stop light and a glowing fire-demon. So apples are evil?
In this way, we are mad scientists, and mad scientists slowly “lose their mind” over thoughts like these, because humanity can be thrown out of the window.
What to stand on? You can decide that. Start by a good jog, or eating that apple, that isn’t evil. Simply taking in nature, the environment we were born in. “Feel” well. Decide to be well. Eventually thoughts will tag along.

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