Some thoughts about serious extensive sleeping

Since some years now, in different life situations (mostly situation having some sort of thing to do with real advanced mathematics - did you know, by the way that contemporary maths are allowing axioms as hypothesis? I didn’t. - anyhow) in different sort of life situation, I was saying, I took the habit of asking myself in which one of 9/11 towers I would rather have been on that day, the answer being more obvious that it might seems at first. So, was experiencing such a life situation for the last couple days (had to move, search a new flatsharing, etc.) and saturday I just slept. I mean I seriously hit the snooze button on my alarm ring, from say 7h30am til 5pm… Thinking back at yesterday (the said Saturday), I came to the conclusion that I was now ready to be over the « water, » or on the other side of the rails, or whatever you want to call it, and for whatever it might mean. And hence, to conclude, that serious extensive sleeping might at a certain point lead you to miss stuffs that are actually happening on that other side. Maybe that is also more obvious than its seems at first.