Some things that REALLY help

Hi everyone,

My step-son has been on a rocky road to recovery. The main reason for the bumps have been because of the number of times he stopped taking his medications (we could never get a reason from him as to why he decided to do this).

The really hard, sad truth is that each time a sufferer stops taking medication and has a relapse, more brain cells are destroyed. And according to the medical professionals we spoke to, these cells will never be recovered.

Well, after his last hospitalisation, my step-son was doing very poorly. The psychiatrist told us that he had given my step-son the highest dose of combined medications he could give him, but my step-son was only back up to about 60% of his original, pre-illness state.

We were desperate. My wife called a doctor in Queensland who specialises in the Pfeiffer method; he put us on to sarcosine. My aunt, whose niece also has schizophrenia, put us on to niacin. And our chiropractor said he could help my step-son.

As we started all three treatments simultaneously, I can’t pinpoint any one of these; I truly believe that the speed and level of recovery was because they were done as an holistic treatment.

My step-son got a lot better, but still only to about 70%. Then we moved to Hervey Bay, a coastal town in Queensland (from Melbourne). Our son, in his zeal to discover the town and the groups he could get involved with, wore himself ragged. He was getting himself up at 4am to get to breakfast groups, and not going to sleep until around midnight. He was starting to have a relapse!

So we set some boundaries (he lives with us now): he hands in his phone at night, and bed-time is 9pm. After two months he was at least looking better, the facial grimaces and hand shaking were going, but he still wasn’t great. His speech was slurred and his thoughts very erratic. His best friend’s mum told me that he would appear at their doorstep, unannounced, looking very dehydrated and shaky and sounding almost unintelligible.

And then a BIG breakthrough. We started him on ASEA (which restores cellular health) and after just one week we noticed a change for the better. Now, after almost a month, his positive aspects are very rare, and the negative aspects are almost gone. His speech is clear and his thoughts are logical and rational. His friend’s mum even commented on how much better he is! He is back up to about 90% of his original state.

I can’t suggest more highly these supportive treatments. Find yourself a good TBM chiropractor. Get yourself some sarcosine (we had to ship it in from the USA and get it put into capsules), get niacin (vitamin B3) but NOT niacinamide (that can make matters worse, so be absolutely sure it is natural niacin), you can look up niacin as a treatment for schizophrenia on google. But most importantly, get some ASEA (you can ask me how by responding to this blog). The beauty of ASEA is that it is native to the body, strongly promotes cellular repair and so makes all medications and supplements more effective as the newly healthy cells in your body are better able to make use of the regime you’re on.

Is he on traditional antipsychotics by any chance?

No offence, but I wouldn’t be recommending chiropractors. They are not doctors. I’m in Australia too.

Glad he is doing better.

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ASEA looks like a scam. Sorry.


So it’s basically salt water? @everhopeful

I started the sarcosine and l-theanine, was hoping something else would help besides the high dose of seroquel, oh well

Just salt water. That’s what it says on the bottle apparently. I applaud their marketing though.

Closing topic - up to @SzAdmin to weigh in.

Obviously, its fantastic that your son is doing well. Please give us more updates over the coming months.

We’re all very interested in things that prove effective for people - and we appreciate you sharing your experience, and we hope your success continues.

I appreciate your enthusiasm for sharing what seems to have worked for your son - but I would just caution you a bit to give it more time - and see if your son keeps doing well, or if perhaps its just coincidence that your son is doing well now and not any of the supplements. Many of us have been dealing here with schizophrenia for decades and we know that there are typically cycles or periods when the symptoms are bad, and then they get good. Sometimes its impossible to know why this is happening, other times there are more clear cause / effect, like when a person experiences some significant stressor (e.g. a move to a new living location, loss of a job, death of a loved one, etc.) in which case the symptoms typically get worse, or the removal of a stressor (like moving from a innner city location where there is a lot of noise, out to the country where its calm and quiet, etc.) in which case symptoms frequently improve.

My point here is that it takes a lot longer than 1 month to know if anything is really working. I’d say minimum of 6 months and really ideally a year or more before you draw any conclusions.

Everyone is different - but the only evidence that we’ve been able to find for efficacy of the complementary therapies that you mentioned is for sarcosine. There have been quite a few scientific studies showing some efficacy for it in some of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia.

Unfortunately, for niacin - there was a lot of research on that back in the 70s after Pfeiffer first suggested in his studies that it worked, unfortunately many follow-on studies with better scientific rigor did not show the same results (we all wish they had).

This special high-priced water is something we’ve never heard of here and there is no research we can find that would suggest it would help with schizophrenia - so we’d be cautious about suggesting its a big help.

There are virtually an infinite number of things that one or two people “claim” is effective in their schizophrenia - but unless you’re extremely wealthy and have money to waste, we generally recommend that people wait until there are at least two double blind, placebo controlled studies (the gold standard of good scientific studies) before you put any money into something. Otherwise the chances are that you’re just wasting your money.

Anyway - this isn’t to say that its not helping your son. I just think its too early to tell, and ultimately you need some scientific validation before I’d recommend people here start considering it.

Please do keep us informed about how your son is doing. And what changes you make to his complementary treatment program.

Also - did you ever get him to take his medications again?



Well, I am glad that you have at least given me a chance to add to my comment. I agree that time is the important moderator, which is why I am extremely offended by “Pixel” arbitrarily shutting me down.

I agree with almost all your statements, although not about the niacin. The origin of this information is a Doctor Hoffer, not Pfeiffer. Although the good doctor is no longer alive, his clinic still operates in Canada, using the same method with the same results. Please note that he is the ONLY person who claimed to have CURED not just treated schizophrenia. You are correct that the medical world has rejected his evidence. This is the same world that said that thalidomide was a wonder drug. Please be careful to destroy information on the basis of a field that is riddled with problems.

Back to my comments: I wished to point out that I clearly stated that we cannot pinpoint any one particular aspect of the treatment: niacin, sarcosine, chiropractic or ASEA. We did notice the changes. And point in case: none of the professionals we dealt with so far have even heard of sarcosine, and yet it has multiple, double-blind testing in first class universities in the USA. Ignorance does not equate to professional authority. I give great credit to the professionals in Melbourne who agreed to support us both in instructing the hospital to administer the supplements and in monitoring my step-son for the prescribed side affects.

So, I hope that you will unlock my post so that I can (a) answer the question about sarcosine and (b) provide updates down the track, specifically after each visit to the doctor (a specialist in mental health).

Oh and, yes, my step-son is on his medications, as well as his supplements. He obviously would like to get off them (he takes a total of 10 capsules a day) and so would we. BUT there is a difference: he just stops, we just hope that one day it may happen, but feel that a more practical goal is to hope that the dosages will be reduced in time.

You say that Abram Hoffer has CLAIMED to have cured schizophrenia. That should be a red flag to a scientific minded consumer.

If Niacin cured schizophrenia this forum would not need to exist.

I think all people are saying is that correlation is not causation. These alternative and unproven treatments may just be coincidentally coming at a time when his medications are working well and he is not experiencing many stressors.

I’d love for you to keep us updated but don’t be dismayed if symptoms come back again. Niacin and chiropractic and special water are most probably a coincidence but who cares as long as he is doing well!