Some things i am having concerns about!

i was looking over the terms and i found this-

Hosting, Support Services

Optional Hosting and Support services may be provided by under the terms and conditions for each such service. By signing up for a Hosting/Support or Support services account, you agree to abide by such terms and conditions.

not sure what it means @SzAdmin

another thing is the invite feature, so hard to find someone to invite frowning lol

i just shared a post on twitter and also on the village chat and i know at least 2 people clicked on it but i still didn’t get my first share badge frowning

there was another thing that happened today wed 30 july on my thread ‘is sz biological or environmental’ and i got a notification from admin that said system and it had a little pen next to it that looked like an edit pen, it was weird, i was just wondering if you knew anything about it?

i shared another thing on twitter again and i also noticed that i hadn’t been given a badge for having over 25 likes on a single post, i am a bit annoyed about this as i thought i would have been given these badges by now, i also thought i would have been given leader badge as well or am i not on here often enough?

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I think the leader badges on this site are given for using some of the many features allowed, such as posting links, posting videos, replying using posters names, editing your posts, giving likes, etc. The features you have to use are written here somewhere but I forget where.

you can have my badges i don’t want them anyway…
it is not about badges it is about healing and connection.
take care.


I saw this one and I couldn’t resist, :blush: