“Some things aren’t meant to be”

Found myself scrolling through profiles of people I knew from my past… came across one of a girl I knew who also moved to nyc from our home state on the west coast… she still lives in nyc… found myself getting slightly jealous and reminiscing of living there, sigh. But then I told myself “some things just aren’t meant to be”


The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Who knows if you would enjoy living in nyc. I hear it’s a mess since Covid. A lot of people moving out.


Well I enjoyed living there while I did… I didn’t want to come back home.

I’ve also heard that it’s a mess there now… and I don’t have family there anymore and with this illness… I know I couldn’t handle it alone.

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I’m sorry…I miss living in Phoenix sometimes…it’s all there is to do there…!! and the mountains and the sajaros…i don’t know how to spell that. anyways…you are better off just letting that go…have you ever heard of destination disorder? where you always want to be some where else…


Ah, I’ve never been to Arizona before but I bet it’s beautiful…

Oh no I haven’t heard of destination disorder… didn’t know that was a thing

it has to do with some people not being happy wherever or with whoever they are they always want someone else…I don’t think your husband treats you right, don’t get me wrong…your wanting to live in nyc is what made me think of it.

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Idk, maybe you’re right… but I also think it’s just part of reminiscing about before psychosis…

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Everything seems nicer in hindsight. Our brains are good at filtering out negatives from the past.


Yeah, definitely… that’s true

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