Some things are worse than pain

Like being told to shut up.

No, pain is worse believe me.

Were you told to not express your pain - like screaming?

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For me I find very little worse than pain. I don’t tolerate it well. But I’m sorry you got told to shut up, that sucks. And I’m sorry you’re screaming in pain. Sometimes I scream out in my sleep and wake myself up, no one tells me to shut up though.

I personally have the problem with suspense and the anticipation of pain to the degree I’d rather just get it over with and be hurt

I’m sorry you’re dealing with pain and being told to shut up. I’ve had the same experience before twice. It really sucks.

I mean my parents used to beat me til I was screaming and in hysterics and would tell me to shut up or the neighbors will hear.

So honestly i feel like it’s a situational thing

Cause getting told to shut up stayed in my brain a lot longer


I think it depends on intensity. Mental and physical pains both cause pain!

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