Some therapists or counselors see people on a sliding scale

It’s finding them that is the trick. I saw a therapist at a clinic for several months which Medicaid paid for. But because of Schwarzenegger running California into the ground financially the clinic was dropping all Medicaid clients. So to help me find a new one my therapist gave me a three page list of therapists, counselors and organizations that charged on a sliding scale. It was my job to pick the one I wanted. I checked out about 4 or 5 of them. They were pretty varied. a couple were interns. One guy had never seen a schizophrenic patient before but told me he would see me so he could “learn from me” and help other schizophrenics. Another person on the list was a counselor who worked out of a church. And one girl was also an intern,I saw her three times. Only one was what you would call a “typical” therapist who had a private practice with his own office. But the rest seemed like intelligent, empathetic, semi-experienced counselors. The best part was the price. One guy I saw a couple times charged $5.00 per visit!! The rest charged from $15.00 to $20.00 including the therapist. Ironically the funds for the clinic we reinstated and after all that they took me back with Medicaid ( also called Medi-cal) paying for it.But there were a couple dozen more on the list I could have checked out.